School Life

School Life 

The SJIS campus is a lively environment where a detailed program of activity takes place across the year. From cultural celebrations, to concerts, club activities and festivals, there’s so much to experience and fun to be had at school.

Children arrive at school by 8.30am to start learning at 8.50am, with the day officially finishing at 3.20pm. We offer a range of after-school activities and some seasonal clubs for students in the older grades, including cooking, book club, craft and science.

SJIS is proud of the rich mix of clubs and activities on offer at the school, such as inter-school debating and sporting programs, and visits with other international schools and cultural programs. Students also have the opportunity to broaden their learning outside the classroom twice a year with local excursions.

Cultural learning comes to life in creative and fun ways at SJIS, from Star Festival (Tanabata Matsuri) to Children’s Day, Sports Day and more. These activities are a wonderful way for the broader school community to come together and deepen connections across the school.

School events

Entrance Ceremony

Held for International Division Kindergarten in January and Japanese Division Year 1 in April. This is a cherished tradition symbolizing the beginning of an exciting educational journey for new students, embodying the school's warm welcome and sense of community.

Graduation Ceremony

Held for International Division Year 6 in December and Japanese Division Year 6 and Year 9 in March. This is a heartfelt event where students celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to their peers and teachers as they transition to the next stage of their educational journey.

Sports Day

The whole school community comes togehter for a dynamic event combining traditional Japanese sports with Australian sports, fostering teamwork, physical fitness, and cultural exchange.

School Concert

Held in November, each year group perfoms an instrumental piece and songs in both English and Japanese.
It's a spectacular display of many talents!

Japanese Language Festival

A vibrant celebration showcasing Japanese language proficiency and cultural appreciation of the International Division students through engaging drama performances held in September.

English Language Festival

An annual event where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their English language skills through engaging drama performances, fostering language proficiency and communication abilities.

School Excursions

They provide students with immersive experiences that serve as an extension of their curriculum learning, allowing them to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.

International Sports Day

The International Sports Day at the Sydney Japanese International School is a multicultural event fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among students from diverse backgrounds from neighbouring international schools.

International Soccer Tournament

The international soccer tournament hosted by the German International School Sydney, in which the SJIS participates, showcases spirited competition and cultural exchange among diverse teams from various backgrounds.

Opening and Closing of Term Ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies feature uplifting moments of unity marked by the singing of both the Japanese and Australian national anthems and heartfelt pledges by students and teachers.

Japanese Festivals

Many Japanese festivals including the welcoming of spring, Children's Day, Star Festival and more are celebrated throughout the year to foster deeper appreciations of the traditions and Japanese culture.



The Sydney Japanese International School acknowledges the Garigal people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which our school is located. We pay our respects to their ancestors and descendants who continue cultural and spiritual connections to Country. We recognise that these lands have always been places of teaching, learning and storytelling. May the spirit of the Garigal people always be present with us under the shade of the beautiful trees across our campus, when we hear the sounds of nature and feel the sun and ocean breeze on our skin, and as we grow, play, learn and connect. 

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